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We are your company based in the Chicago area and I we do real estate attorney Chicago area and I we do photo video and a drum footage and we are very high quality on all three would you high-quality photos which is magazine quickly and a very high quality and add that we do we do video that is cinematic quality and trumpeters that is just whole thing that I will impress anybody looking to buy your home that you are selling as a realtor or were commercially astute commercial Realty shot so many people know that but is on a website and see that and I euro and the look on their and another’s stop button on there that one other free consultation button

Click that one dollar is for your first shoot only one dollar yes that is true one dollar fee for shoes you click that it will bring you to a page where you fill in your name your email and your phone number and a witch for those in what we will get you real sword surely I will keep you real quick and a when we do want something to sit down and have free consultation and actually talk about the home that you try to get photos and video and a footage of Anna were and talk to style home and then I was to talk about what gear on our side of things that we need every brain to help us prepare for the shoot whether it’s lighting whether it’s a declaration whether it’s in cleaner all kinds of things to make this home the best they can look and see what we do this were to set those things up in the meeting and then we also can set up a time where we can actually do the shoot because we to set up a time were very flexible as a company on what we have to be that way so that you guys can and we know you have a busy schedule and some were trying to not get too much time of your schedule but we would take up just enough to get this done and get it done right is what we

did do this for you to set up that time I like and were very flexible so we can set up any time for you to set that up and then I would actually go to the shoot I will again for only one dollar because she never left three first time one dollar are the reason why we do the one dollar it’s kinda crazy to think about what we do we say to people there like what only one dollar thing was free yes is almost freight free the reason why we do it is because we believe in long-term relationships not short-term a lot of doctors that are lazy and there late in the get there at content people super late and it’s really not think it all together and they don’t do video they are charging a time and money and there’s no trust no relationship there building short-term relationships are just moving from client to client for us we build long-term relationships and we love our clients we love working with our clients we love we love showing them how good the quality we can have him in our friends and in her video

so that’s Wayne’s one dollar because we would prove that her quality of her photos is worth their time and worth their trust and so we build a relationship that long-term relationship up front with a one dollar fee on not only that we 24 hour deadline so all your photos after shoot all the photos on the video all the footage will be edited and brought brought to you and deliver to you out with your name on it with your rights of it within 24 hours which is just crazy think about nobody else that this is the 23rd we love to part with you today we are resisting the Chicago area and I again real estate photography in the Chicago area and I would love to visit our website on or call us today and I contact us at 872-222-7950 please do not forget about us as as I said we would love to that one dollar although it is not much we love your business and we love you because we long-term relationships help both people we believe that by us helping you you will help us because you have friends you know people and that you know how good we are and so I would love to do that for you and I love to come out and have it done to the Chicago area thatreal estate photography Chicago Area | Get Your Consultation Today!

This is real estate and photography in the Chicago area and now we we love doing photography video control footage for clients in the Chicago area I and I would love doing for realtors and we absolutely love our awesome clients right now if your website just upfront you can see our website is on and you can look up there and I look click click on the testimonials tend to use tabs like that third from the left up top, and I can see multiple different views on our services and actual people that have gone for services and Glover service available photography or videography glitch in the quality of our videography or confidence in working with with us the real estate photography in the show in Chicago area real estate photography Chicago area

Again we do photo video and control footage and we do all three of those and the temperatures are unique because the fires are online right now and the big market is that their online and they love looking online houses before they even look up house in person the look-alike so your house may not be selling his rules right now and is probably not selling if you have bad photos or not good quality photos or no photos at all and I just his postgrad video and drum put it in there so gnarly you have good quality photos that already put you on a top as far as on the market but I after him footage which is very unique nominee realtors happens to talk to do this but a lot of people want this and I so we had that for our clients and how we love have an have the buyers looking at the drum.

But is very unique in this way that that actually gives the buyer a view of the entire house and so that they can see every corner of it there’s not like 55 photos of on the website and that’s it that’s all you see the house so you have to see it in person and then he just went to waste your time because there’s all these unseen corners and unseen things that they immediately left out of the footage now you consider drum footage that you can see the whole property to the neighbors and see that whether or not the other lawn ornaments are there there are grasses up to the place that everything that that stuff is very important when it comes home buying and so I’m looking at aggregate.

A look at by doing that having an online they can see that video and they can look at is one of the Academy can make and judge there and I say themselves and actually have to waste the trip or anything like that on you in every part of the property and hiding any corners or any things that that would usually of people would not like all the property that stuff so of we do that for you guys and of the wonderful free consultation/-two first time to do anything with us it is one dollar for a free footage and see we can come out and I your website for real estate photography Chicago area and our website on and you can look on the top left corner there is a box this is one of the free concert with other free footage and so well actually one of you click the box to bring you another page for your name email and your phone number and I was get to laugh you fill in your name and email him for the week gets you talking to a causal consultant and then were to set up a meeting between us and I where we taxi talk about what house style is and what you’re looking for.

As far as photos and video of the house and a what you need this house because we are here serve you and I help you sell your house that is her missionary’s goal is to sell the house for you through our fertile video online and in person and so I were to do that for you and I is a dollar nothing we do this you have to reset the time we are very flexible and I we would love to sit at that time with you so was working on a schedule and I weep that it is about you and I we know what a waste of time so that we would pick the time that is best for you and so were to do that before you out with a one dollar which is crazy one dollar and then after that we are actually to give me the 24 hour guarantees were given all the footage all of it in 24 hours all the good footage in 24 hours and actually edited to you in 24 hours they can have that but on your website immediately or on whatever website is going to get the house sold because that’s your goldens are in the pantry like that or just need photos fast just really need to sell house calls today at 872-222-7950 or visit our websi on and a contact us andte