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Hello this is Chicago State photography and out here to help you and help realtors sell as fast as possible and the best quality photos videos and Sharon yes recent video and from which most people do not offer between you and I we offer very high quality cinematic video and drum footage and it really helps the homestand out and out by doing so we we show a a landscape view and show really every aspect of the home instead of just rail or style from word and cyber backward photo of the home and so where will show every aspect that by doing so it really stands out a website is a lot of things that a lot of buyers from websites nowadays before they even look at all they will look at photos the home and want to know how many pastors it has only just as it has different aspects as so by doing so they see a house that that is it is I have very good photography of it or any videography dogs many real estate services do not offer videography especially drone.

footage they see that and and are immediately more intrigued more interested than the usually be they could be just usually skipping your house at that you’re trying to sell her up and try to sell for long time just because they don’t see very good quality photos of the home and it’s not really highlighting the good parts of the home what makes you unique what makes it different from any other home is just skipping over because they don’t know any better than actually seeing the home for its true self there’s a goal there’s a mission that is her focus to provide high-quality photo video to show the home as itself but has its unique properties and I hope you sell and help provide these homes to these to your clients, at a great price and as quickly as possible in getting some soul to your business can thrive and sell by doing so, I know a lot of real estate parties are asking for upfront fees and all these different things but we actually Chicago State photography we only charge one offer for shoot this would reschedule it for shoot using the website or call today at 872-222-7950

and I can get that schedule for you can put your name your email and phone number in an we get that schedule we get consultation for you and set up a meeting with you, your style and. In the house itself so we know what were going into this world were shooting what we need to clearly we need and how we can best shoot your home they are trying to sell so once again is only one dollar not only that but I have to sign up for that one dollar shoot – actually after we shoot your property whether it’s a home or commercial property we will actually be able to edit it all the video and photo we get into in less than 24 hours I know that’s a small crunch time as it seems but we believe that realtors need these photos fast to do their work.

How they needed the next day and so I feared a picture of your binder you need something really quick we can help you in that way too but at the same time you want to wait months or years or however long it seems that it takes for people to get photos back from editing whenever whenever we are able to give it to you in less than 24 hours and so that is our mission that is a goal lot other realtors to not trust a real estate photography because of these reasons but Chicago posted photography strives to make your experience the best and and have a quality relationship with you and a long-term relationship with you so that you can tell people about us and we can both help each other in our businesses.

I think if you are still a bit skeptical about what we do go and on a or call us today at 872-222-7950 and I to was that you can click on our testimonials tab and look at some the reviews that multiple people have given us and talked about our company and so or you can cover Google reviews or Google freezer (that people love are starving videography and drum footage that we do Anna shows that would really care about your company and your business so we are Chicago real estate photography and once again website is or you can call today at 872-222-7950Chicago real estate photography | Call Us Today

Chicago is to visit your company we strive to make the quality of the video theory. Quality and we we care about relationships with our realtors and clients in making a home is better by so that your submission is a goal in Chicago real photography company were to free his work to provide very quick very fast surfing videography for your home and sing and sell it quickly and get on the market quickly so that buyers can be there looking to easily find this unique house and a to make it unique is that drum for video and photography’s for quality like you said it is a magazine quality photography and I cemented quality videography and drum footage.

Our job is to help you help your clients and sell homes and so by doing so just having video and drum footage websites can stand up guys can make it different than all the other ones is your action is the full house significant is to be hitting nothing to be covered up nothing you can notice you see every aspect of the house every quality and I will make unique and so a lot of buyers that made things can be of a house that you try to sell right now or maybe now trying to get on your home hate they thought yes all for now you get to so Chicago real estate photography he was able to help you today so either go to our website on or call Cindy at 872-222-7950 and I we can actually set up a consultation and book something for you.

Were very flexible we like to work around your schedule is I would like to please you would like to help you and up by providing these photos and videos in a short amount of time to get it to you as fast as possible another thing is actually are a your first you with us if euro you’ll see that there’s a schedule for shoot box on the top left corner and click on scarcely go to a page and are you putting your name your email and your phone number and will contact you here shortly and I actually there’s a one dollar first shoot deal and it’s a facility on something that most people do not offer financing of the one like it in so for that Chicago received Harvey and we care about it Anna so by doing so you can receive the best services ever in so it’s very excellent service we love to provide things from you guys and I include on the box in a going to be and I would love providing high quality photos and videography for you guys.

That is her mission’s purpose is to help sell or lease properties for you the realtor and I help getting on those websites that help you to your buyers fast and I quickly actually in 24 hours people get the additive photo video to the eyes and so very short amount time but we care about you guys before but that officers consistent so as we do have weeks ago this business because I was a lot of realtors that were looking for Chicago real estate talking with Dave talking Chicago where they were not being pleased by what was provided for commercial and a real estate party and do not either providing high-quality photos or regularly see you and not providing a good amount of time or or maybe didn’t provide video or especially drum footage which is very central in which is something you really need to make your website stand out for selling to these buyers.

What they see the homes they see the quality of homes can be great to visit her website on or call us today on our phone 872-222-7950 and I were illegal contact with the secular with the one dollar for shoot and talk with you were very flexible game were able to set up at any time and I 24 seven and I keep those photos that view back to you in 24 hours since 24 hours in a one dollar out when people asked why we do one on for shoot as we care about our relationship a long-term relationship with you are buyers and so by doing this one on for she were able to provide this just to show that we care about the quality photos and videos over the price and so it we hope to have a long-term relationship with you after so so this is Chicago real estate the company and I think for reason for and we hope to see you soon.